Feedback of Results

After completion of the survey phase, your PsyHealth team will hand out the survey results as PDF to the responsible persons in the company. In addition to the results, the PDF document also provides content on the legal background, definitions of terms, explanatory slides for presenting the results, an overview of the risk assessment process and a template for planning interventions.

The results of each activity are presented in tabular form using mean values and standard deviations as well as an evaluation aid which illustrates the results with a graphic display in traffic light colours and refers to reference values.

In any case, the extent of the risk potential must be assessed on the basis of the activity involved. PsyHealth provides you with resource-oriented feedback, i.e. you can see for which psychological demand you should have interventions that positively support and protect the health of your employees.

Your PsyHealth team will be happy to support you with reporting the results. Finally, you will receive a comprehensive catalogue of interventions from us. The PsyHealth team at the RWTH Aachen University Hospital also offers workshops on planning interventions.

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